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About Me

My name is Kasia
I’d like to share a bit about my life journey.


Much of my recent path has been focused on gaining insight, compassion, and self-confidence,
helping me connect with my desires and needs, to connect with my true self while letting go of what no longer serves me.


Now I’m deeply committed to assisting women in achieving this as well!
My transformative journey began in 2017 when a friend introduced me to Recall Healing®.
It turned out to be a significant moment in my life. It made me rethink my past. I started to reflect on the traumatic events and near-death incidents in my life and I was more open to embrace them with love and understanding. I realized that most of my behaviors were far from self-love and love in general. I also started to question the path I was on in my corporate career, as I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled there anymore.
This whole experience ignited a deep fascination with personal growth, holistic health, working with emotions, expansion of consciousness, and the principles of quantum physics.
I delved deeper into Recall Healing® by attending more workshops and eventually becoming a Recall Healing® Facilitator. Couple of years later, I stumbled upon Belief Coding®, which felt like the missing link in my quest for personal growth and understanding. Belief Coding® helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined, and it became a pivotal tool in my transformation.


During this journey I stopped my search for external remedies to fill the void I felt in the quiet spaces within. Instead, I chose the gentle path of self-love, allowing its warmth to illuminate the shadows and bring a sense of wholeness to the emptiness within. I finally started to feel whole and close to my true self.
My commitment to self development over the years led me to explore various modalities, including Energetic Kinesiology, Access Bars®, EFT, Soul Body Fusion®, Work with Inner Child, Theta Healing® and workshops with experts like Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Gabor Mate. I am continuously passionate about attending various courses, to expand my knowledge and skill set.
I also discovered the power of meditation, breathwork and yoga as a daily practice to maintain a high energetic frequency and clarity of thoughts.


Using my experience and knowledge, I guide women to discover for themselves the answers they seek.


“Your Inner Balance” is the safe space, where women can connect with their bodies and emotions to feel balance and peace within themselves and with everything around them.


It’s a wonderful feeling, and I’d love to assist you achieving it too!
“Be kind to past versions of yourself who didn’t know what you know now.”
My Qualifications