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Recall Healing®

“Who looks outside – dreams.
Who looks inside – wakes”
C.G. Jung
What is Recall Healing®?


Recall Healing® is based on the concept that disease appears in our body in response to emotions experienced during periods of intense, excessive, or prolonged stress. In those conditions, the brain triggers a biological survival mechanism which manifests in the body in the form of a specific disease
or behaviour. The purpose of RH® consultations is to support clients in reaching and finding the cause of the disease, i.e. emotions trapped within the body, becoming aware of them, and releasing them.


Recall Healing® treats the human as a “triad”: psyche, automatic brain, and body. Illness/behaviour is often an automatic response of the brain to stress that has arisen in a person’s life. As a Recall Healing® consultant I help the client “remember”. Once the client understands “why” they are sick, a large part of the recovery process is already completed.


Recall Healing® is an integrated modality encompassing various fields, synthesised by Gilbert
Renaud. It is based on the work of Karl G. Jung (psychology), Claude Sabbah (Total Biology), Jack Chang (Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of Physiology), Ryke Geerd Hamer (concept of New Medicine), biological laws governing the world of animals and plants, modern medicine, biology and psychology of emotions. Also inspired by the works of many others such as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Marc Fréchet (Biological Cell Memory Cycles and Project/Purpose) and Christian Fleche, Robert Guinée, Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger (Psychogenealogy), Itzhak Bentov, Paul Dirac; Bertrand Lemieux, Brandon Bays (Journey), Daniel Benor (Butterfly Embrace), Charles K. Truman (Feelings Buried Alive Never Die) and many others.

Why does the brain create diseases?

The human brain acts as a highly specialized neurocomputer, controlling billions of specialized cells that comprise the tissues and organs responsible for a range of specialized functions. Like a perfect
computer, our brain is never wrong; its only job is to keep the body alive at all times. It does this by means of the “biological programs” responsible for digestion, excretion, breathing, reproduction, etc. and “special biological programs” (aka diseases), which are activated under the influence of excessive stress as well as the emotions and traumas that we experience in our lives. Over the course of human evolution, the brain has learned to perceive and analyze billions of data flowing in from the outside and within the body, thanks to receptors located throughout the body and on the surface of our cells. On this basis, it can choose the best course of action, meaning the one that will allow the body to survive. The received data is analyzed and compared with all the data stored in its archive, i.e. the memory. According to research, this archive contains not only data recorded from the moment of our conception, but also what happened before then, as well as all our ancestors’ “baggage”. Following this analysis, our brain takes appropriate steps by delivering action programs to every part of the body via electrical and magnetic impulses. Based on the information obtained, the brain always chooses the best solution for us, of course the best from the viewpoint of biology. And this solution serves only one purpose: to keep our body alive at all costs, whether we like it or not.

So, what is a disease?

Every disease is a biological relationship between the part of the brain that controls the diseased organ and the organ itself. This relationship leads to the activation of a specific BIOLOGICAL PROGRAM associated with a specific PSYCHOLOGICAL CONFLICT. It was on this basis that the map of
the human body was created. If we reach the programming event (the root cause of the disease, the actual conflict), we become aware of our feelings and experiences related to it. Then, the program is removed from our subconscious (biological deprogramming takes place) and the psychosomatic
symptoms disappear. Reaching this root cause is sometimes not easy, but it is possible thanks to various tools that allow us to understand ourselves, comprehend the disease and permanently free ourselves from the problem. Unless we know the true cause, our disease will keep coming back; we can only put it to sleep temporarily but we cannot cure it.

As Dr. Gilbert Renaud, the creator of the Recall Healing® method, says: “The cause of a disease is an unresolved conflict, behind which there is suffering. We must make the person speak, verbalize.
Then he/she is no longer a victim of the disease but holds in his/her hand the key to his/her


Through many years of research, psychologist Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger illustrated the existence of „generational syndrome“. This is a predictable pattern of emotions/diseases within the patient’s own generation and previous generations, going back at least 3 to 4 generations. Thus, the programs are passed down from generation to generation. If we know that every disease originates in emotions, we can ask ourselves: Are these emotions mine or my ancestors’? Our lives are often a reflection of circumstances and traumatic events experienced by other members of our clan. These specific emotional conflicts of a parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. depending on who we are related to genealogically, become programs that can lead to a health disorder. It is an emotional conflict that they themselves, for one reason or another, have not been able to resolve during their lives. The circulation of memory (program) in the family line can be expressed through disease or undesirable behaviour.

Parental Project and Life Purpose

The programs we carry in our subconscious mind are transmitted to us from our parents during the 9 months before our conception, the 9 months of our mother’s pregnancy and the first year of life. The fetal brain records everything that happens while the baby is in the womb. Everything the parents think, say, and do is recorded in the memory. Every occurrence of stress is perceived by the child as a personal experience. If a mother finds herself in stressful circumstances and thinks: “I’ll never be able to do it, this is hopeless”, the child may implement this belief in her/his life. Or if the mother is obsessively afraid of gaining weight during pregnancy, her child may unconsciously implement the program of fear of becoming overweight. This goal,  which the child has adopted unconsciously, is then carried with him throughout his life. It results from the events and emotions experienced by one or both parents in the 18 months before and 12 months after birth. Project/Purpose may be the most difficult to discover in many cases, but it is the most valuable element in gaining an understanding of the cause of the disease and our behaviours.

What can you expect during an online consultation?

  • With the help of my guidance and targeted questions, you will identify life events that are the source of emotional conflicts directly related to your condition or behavior.
  • We will analyze your life history (Lifeline), your “Project/Purpose” period (18 months before your birth, the first 12 months of your life), your family programs (3-4 generations in the family tree).
  • This new awareness and change in perception will allow you to release the subconscious programs that have led to your current state of health, problem, or situation.
  • You will gain new knowledge that will free you from old patterns; in a safe, professional environment.
  • You will learn how to change your emotional behavior and what tools to use to manage stress.

How to prepare for a consultation?

For the most effective use of the consultation time and to achieve the best possible results, it is highly recommended that you play an active part in the process. The questions revolve around your life story and your ancestors, and the only one with all the information about it is you! I will support and guide you in the process, but remember that the potential to eliminate the problem you are struggling with lies within you.

Before the consultation, I will send you a questionnaire that will allow you to recall certain events from your life in chronological order from your birth to the present, and to collect information about your ancestors and your “Project/Purpose”. You should ideally talk to your parents about this if possible. Please complete the questionnaire and return it to me. This helps me to understand the problem you are struggling with. This background information facilitates my preparation for the consultation with you, and helps us to get the best possible use of the consultation time. Of course, all information you entrust to me is confidential and is used exclusively for my appraisal of your circumstances.

The completed questionnaire should be returned to me no later than 3 working days before the consultation. Otherwise, I may have difficulty properly analyzing the data and preparing for our consultation.

Please choose carefully when deciding where to sit for our consultation, keeping in mind your personal privacy and safety as well as comfort. Feel free to sit or lie down, as you wish.
It is useful to have a sheet of paper and a pen, tissues, and a glass of water near at hand.
To avoid image distortion, please ensure your device is secured during the consultation.


Please note that I will not provide you with a diagnosis, or any medical advice, nor should consultations with me be treated as a substitute for professional advice on your physical or psychological wellbeing. The service I provide is not a treatment in the sense of conventional medicine. It DOES NOT REPLACE treatment by a medical expert in any way!

I encourage you to carry out the necessary tests and obtain a medical diagnosis. This makes it easier for me to help you find the causes of your disease.

It is important that you continue your treatment and follow your doctors’ advice.

The PURPOSE of the consultation is to find the emotional causes of your condition or life situation and support you in your recovery or free you from unwanted behavioral patterns.

Depending on the situation, I may combine multiple methods within one consultation.

The decision on which approach to take may be made based on a questionnaire or an earlier discussion on your health and current life situation.

Participation in the consultation is voluntary.

When you replace “Why is this happening to me?” to “What is this supposed to teach me?”, everything will change.