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Belief Coding®

“You are what you believe yourself to be”
Paulo Coelho

Belief Coding® is a pioneering, scientifically supported method developed by Jessica Cunningham in the UK, which draws upon an integrated approach encompassing multiple disciplines like Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix-Re-imprinting, Emotion Code, Kinesiology, Work with
Inner Child and Energy Healing.

By seamlessly merging these diverse techniques, Belief Coding® provides a remarkably effective alternative therapeutic process. Its core purpose is to go to the root of what your subconscious perceives as trauma and clear the emotions around it, creating a better, more positive reality with the beliefs that get coded in.

With its science-backed psychological and neurological elements and spirituality, by working with your subconscious programmes, the method has the ability to create entirely new belief system, process and release anything that is getting in the way of you living a successful, fulfilling and present life.

Belief Coding® delves into your subconscious to uncover the root cause of certain behaviors, discomforts, thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms, and beliefs, subsequently assisting in transforming self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

This innovative approach to personal development helps you identify your limitations, understand your belief systems and actively modify them to work for you rather than against you.

Everything is a belief!
Our beliefs end up creating our reality!

If you’ve ever felt stuck or struggled to make progress in life, it’s often due to these limiting beliefs, which manifest in various ways:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by tasks or projects that others find manageable.
  • Constantly battling negative self-doubt and unsupporting thoughts.
  • Finding it difficult to align your actions with your stated priorities.

Beliefs are the driving force behind our actions, emotions, and relationships. They are also crucial to our overall well-being.
Your beliefs can affect how you treat yourself and others, your actions, and even your ability to be happy. Recognizing and changing these beliefs is a crucial step in personal growth.

Fundamental beliefs often form before the age of seven and tend to stay with us throughout our lives due to various factors, including family environment, educational experiences, peer influence, traumatic events, media, religion, society, and repetitive negative experiences.

They function as protective mechanisms, often developed in response to traumatic experiences, aiming to prevent the recurrence of similar events in the future. But sometimes, these beliefs can hold us back when they’re no longer helpful.

These beliefs manifest in various forms, such as:

  • “I’m not good enough,”
  • “I’ll never find true love,”
  • “I can’t handle change,”
  • “I’m not creative,”
  • “I’ll always struggle with money,”
  • “I don’t deserve success.”

How can Belief Coding® help?

Belief Coding® is suitable for everyone, regardless of their goals or challenges.

It has proven success for individuals aiming to:

  • achieve financial objectives
  • manage anxiety and depression
  • overcome writer’s block
  • pursue their dreams
  • transition to a new careers
  • lead a freer lifestyle
  • eliminate phobias
  • elevate their businesses
  • overcome fear of public speaking
  • follow their hopes and dreams
  • overcome fear of failure
  • address chronic illnesses or fertility problems

The aim of Belief Coding® session is to unlock your potential, free yourself from stress, past traumas, sabotaging beliefs and introduce positive and supportive beliefs into your subconscious that will lead you to transform your life in a selected area.


Before the session
  • Come Hydrated – Drink 2 large glasses of water before your session and come prepared with a glass too
  • It is important that you choose a place that is silent and where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session
  • To avoid image distortion, please ensure your device is secured during the consultation
  • Belief Coding® is not traditional talk therapy, don’t worry too much about telling your facilitator where you think and feel everything has come from. Be open for sure, if you are able too, but most importantly, Belief Coding® will take you to the root cause of your discomfort
  • Belief Coding® is different from other therapy practices, so it needs a different approach. Whatever comes up in the session, know that is meant to come up. Even if you think it is unassociated
  • Think of one specific discomfort you would like to work on


During the session

Belief Coding® entails you, the client actively engaging in the process, while I, as the facilitator, guide you and hold the space for you. Through simple muscle testing technique (which I will teach you to do during the session) and memory work, you connect with your subconscious, your body, your inner world, and your emotions. This empowers you to foster a profound sense of self-connection and inner healing.

During the session, you integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, creating the so-called a “full brain” state, which will let you program new, supportive beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and perceptions into your subconscious.


After the session
  • Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol for 24 hours
  • The emotions you have suppressed can also start to surface after the session. You may feel angry, sad, flat, whatever you feel allow those feelings to process.
  • Usually, when we clear one thing, we end up clearing other blockages, take note of when you do something different, and feel different in situations that used to bother you.
  • Sometimes if we release really big emotions or something we have held onto for a long time, we can feel really tired and drained for a few days after a Belief Coding™ session. This is actually a really good sign that a new energy is arising.
Helping to transform lives one belief at a time!